Michael's Sophisticated Painting "Inglorious" Scores Big Ink

San Diego, CA — A bold contemporary painting by Oakland artist Michael Robinson parodies Hollywood’s self-importance and serves as a spoof of the cult film “From Dusk Till Dawn.” 

Titled “Inglorious,” the acrylic on canvas painting is available for sale at    Legends Gallery of La Jolla.  With a Basquiat meets Dali feel, the painting makes other film references as well as to a song by the hard rock band Avenged Sevenfold. 

Starring George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino, who play criminal brothers, From Dusk Till Dawn is an action, horror comedy that starts off more like a standard crime caper. But while laying low in a seedy bar near the Mexican border, the Gecko brothers soon learn the place is inhabited by vampires. They must survive there until dawn. Horror and hijinks ensue.

Robinson’s canvas features a giant demon flanked by a coiled snake and a scary dog wearing a spiked collar.  Around the dog, Robinson quotes a line by the character Jacob, a disillusioned former minister played by Harvey Keitel that says, “I won’t be Jacob any more, I’ll be a lapdog of Satan.”

The painting continues the spoof by depicting a “Palm De Horror” instead of a Palm d’Or, the highest award given at Cannes. There’s also a giant skull with the words intentionally misspelled to say, “Almost Famus,” another film reference. Titled after another Tarantino film, Inglorious cites the classics “Citizen Kane,” “Rashomon” and “Pulp Fiction,” all of which have had the names scratched out. 

“I grew up on movies, am a huge film buff who also loves spoofs and parodies, so this was a lot of fun” Robinson says. “It also gave me an opportunity to make light of Hollywood’s self importance. When you watch the Academy Awards you get the sense that they didn’t just make a film, they also cured cancer and world hunger.”

Highly regarded for his love of bold colors and big ideas, Robinson counts as his major influences Kandinsky, Miro, and Klee.

Legends Gallery of La Jolla is located at 1205 Prospect Street Suite B. For specific hours, please visit the website or phone 1-858.456.9900. You can follow Michael on his Instagram account: @michaelrobinsonart.