Behind the Art: The Seduction of Mimi

If you’ve followed along with my art for even a short while, you know how much I’m fascinated by high-concept painting.

Indeed, its in the tagline of my website that my work often contains “Big Ideas.”

And that is certainly true of “The Seduction of Mimi.” Basically, this is my story of how human evolution meets the transhumanist revolution, the fusion of humans, robotics and AI.

I recently went on IG TV live to give you folks the story behind the painting. Below is a link to the video in which I explain why Mimi is:

  • A mermaid robot imbued with artificial intelligence, specifically version 4.

  • Has a mechanical heart and synthetic DNA

  • Is standing over a roaring ocean wave and below the eye of the universe

  • Near both the cave of Lascaux and the citadel of commerce, which also features a class of civilizations and the tension between human spirituality and rampant consumerism.

  • The writing on her breast refers to the Foo Fighters song, “Sky Is A Neighborhood.

I hope you enjoy it!